Graphic sheets from a collection of the artist


                                      THE CHILDHOOD OF THE EARTH tone.paper,pen,brush,bistre 310х215 mm.


               FEMALE PORTRAIT tone.paper,sanguine 260х170 mm.                


                   FEMALE PORTRAITtone.paper,sanguine 230х170 mm.


                DRAWING OF PLANTS tone.paper,pen,ink 270х180 mm.


                DRAWING OF TULIPS tone.paper,pen,ink 220х180 mm.


                                        SHEET OF SKETCHES tone.paper,pen,ink 300х230 mm.


                                                             FEMALE PORTRAIT tone.paper, the Italian pencil 480х360 mm.                            


        PORTRAIT OF THE CHILD paper, coal, the Italian pencil, chalk  200х160  mm.


        PORTRAIT OF THE BOY tone.paper,sanguine blur brush  250х180 mm.


              PORTRAIT OF A MAN tone.paper, the Italian pencil 230х170 mm.                



                      PORTRAIT OF THE AGED MAN tone.paper,pen,ink 215х150 mm.


                                                  SHEET OF SKETCHES tone.paper,pen,ink 300х195 mm.